Robust and insightful financial data in Excel with XBRLAnalyst

Were you looking for unconstrained financial data that you can access in Excel for great market insights? Something that is robust enough to analyze reporting anomalies but simple enough to aggregate such information automatically over many fiscal periods?

The new version 4.4.2 of XBRLAnalyst delivers that:

• Relative periods facilitate automatic update of complex Excel models (download Excel example)

• By leveraging relative periods and XBRL data, XBRLAnalyst surpasses the limits of single report and loads historical data for many fiscal periods for any statement or disclosure (download Excel example).

• Granularity beyond Face Financials (see example). We continue enhancing and extending our taxonomy of normalized financials by leveraging XBRL dimensions. One can quickly review and export in Excel the full taxonomy with “Normalized Financials” form (view example). Our new normalized concepts provide more granular view into face financials by extracting dimensional information from footnotes and linking it to line items on the primary statements (download Excel example). More concepts are constantly added based on user requests.

• Powerful Screening tool goes beyond face financial statements and allows screening in Excel by disclosure data (see example of Operating Lease Payments Screener and it’s result). The screener results can also be exported in Excel and traced to original report with Corporate subscription (downloadExcel example).

• New FDFact() function, which follows XBRLFact format, is super-charged for fast data retrieval and can be used in Excel macros (download Excel example)

• Analyzing multiple international IFRS XBRL reports in Excel (available in Corporate version only). XBRLAnalyst now supports 8 languages for financial reports from different authorities: UK, Denmark, China, Spain, etc (view example). In just a few clicks, one can load, convert to XBRL-Excel format, andcombine financial data from US and international markets on the same Excel spreadsheet. For more information or a demonstration, contact our Support.

Our team continuously monitors the quality of XBRL reports filed to SEC and we are happy to see a constant improvement in the report quality. Our analysis of calculation relationships shows that the number of calculation errors as well as the number of missing calculations keeps decreasing in the last 3 years (see below or view on the website). One can also download the data in our Excel file.


If you need assistance building Excel models that leverage powerful XBRLAnalyst tools, contact us at  support@findynamics.com. For video tutorials, visit https://findynamics.com/tutorials 

We wish you exciting holidays and Merry Christmas!

     XBRLAnalyst and FinDynamics Team

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