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The first thing you will notice about FinDynamics is our aspiration to create a convenient and easy-to-use XBRL application for Excel. We recognize that many users of financial information would like to seamlessly transition to using XBRL in Excel, and would greatly benefit from the great advantages that XBRL offers. We also recognize that these users do not want to do the technical work of learning XBRL. Our software does the heavy lifting of presenting XBRL data in Excel so that our users can get on with what they are best at – financial analysis.


In order to achieve that goal in such a new but fast growing area of structured financial reporting (XBRL), we are looking for talented, passionate people to join our quickly expanding start-up. We are a company that aims to benefit from the advanced communication and virtual work environment technologies in order to attract the best specialists. Although we are based in Montreal, Canada our team includes people working remotely from different places of the Globe. If you are a strong believer in the potential of XBRL and are interested in joining us, please contact us at career@findynamics.com.


We are looking for:


  • XBRL specialists
  • Financial analysts
  • XBRL database administrators


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To apply for one of the positions listed above, send your Resume and Cover Letter to career@findynamics.com