Academic license

What is an Academic license of XBRLAnalyst for Excel?

One of our missions and commitments in the endeavor to support the spread of XBRL for financial and business communication is to provide FREE ACCESS to our Excel based platform XBRLAnalyst for academic users. It is a great tool for studies, research and teaching that leverages XBRL financial data in Excel. Academic license of XBRLAnalyst is equivalent in features to Standard license. See explanation on the Subscriptions page.

How to use XBRLAnalyst and support us?

  • If you are a professor or lecturer, use XBRLAnalyst for teaching finance/accounting courses or for research in accounting. Share with us the information about your research by sending some links to your work using Contact Us. View some examples of the research in accounting and XBRL.
  • If you are a student, use XBRLAnalyst for homework or finance project and post about your experience on Facebook, Twitter or any other media. It is a simple and free platform that you could use on any computer from University or home. 


  • Your university or college should be registered as our participating academic institution (see the list below). If it is not registered yet, you need to download the application form and have your program coordinator sign and return it to us by fax or email.
  • You have to be a full-time student or academic professional, for example, professor, instructor or lecturer.
  • You plan to use XBRLAnalyst for academic (non-business) purposes only.
  • When you register on our webiste, you have to use your academic institution’s email address.
  • You should also indicate on the registration form your academic institution name, your position.title and a valid phone number. We may call you to validate that information.

How to apply?

When you register, check the box “Apply for Academic License”. Make sure you satisfy all the requirements of the Academic license explained in the previous paragraph. We will receive your request, verify the information and upgrade your license to Academic. No further action from you is required. This process usually takes no more than one business day. However, if you are the first academic user from your University or College interested to access our system, your department or faculty will have to register the institution as an Academic Subscriber of FinDynamics. In that case, please request the administration to Contact Us first.


Each license is intended for a single user and subject to all our Terms of Use. The license term is limited to six (6) months and can be renewed for FREE upon the confirmation that the status has not changed. The Academic license cannot be used for commercial purposes. For example, if you also work as a consultant, you need to procure a Standard or Corporate license to use for commercial needs.

Participating Academic Institutions

uscupstate  McGill University Stanford waterloo University of Floridacornell  pitt columbia smwc portland olemiss  umich LBS rotman hw.uk sfsu penn Portland State Universityrutgers