iXBRLAnalyst for Excel Online

You have Microsoft Office 365 and would like to get real-time access to Financial Data in Excel on any of your devices? Add our Excel Add-in iXBRLAnalyst to Excel from Microsoft AppSource. It’s fully certified by Microsoft.

With iXBRLAnalyst, you can build live Excel financial models that will automatically fetch data from SEC filings as well as the share prices and trading volumes. No tedious manual copy/paste work will be required anymore. This is how it looks in one of our studies comparing Electric car manufacturers with traditional automakers: 

iXBRLAnalyst: Automotive companies

(Download original Excel file)

Financial data on any platform with iXBRLAnalyst

How to install iXBRLAnalyst

  1. Open Excel
  2. Click Insert > Office Add-ins (in Browser) or Insert > My Add-ins (on Desktop)
  3. In the Office Add-ins box, select “Store” and then search for iXBRLAnalyst by using the Search box.
  4. Then, click Add.

Installing iXBRLAnalyst

(More details about installing new Add-ins in Excel are available from Microsoft Instructions page1 or Instructions page2 )

This procedure will add new built-in functions of XBRLAnalyst such as FinValue and SharePrice to enable live financial data fetching from the FinDynamics database. Once added to Excel, you will see a new Ribbon on the top called “iXBRLAnalyst”. Click it and then click the “Subscription” button to enter your subscription details for access to the data.

Type of data available

You get access to regular normalized fundamental data of every public company traded in the US as well as all the original “as-is” data from financial reports filed by the public companies to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The data from 10-K, 10-Q and other SEC filings include not only face financial statements such as Income Statement or Balance Sheet but also all the data from Disclosures to Financial Statements. Using iXBRLAnalyst, you can search and use in your financial analysis in Excel any line item from any of the financial reports submitted to SEC by public companies in XBRL format. In addition, you get access to the trading data from the US Stock Exchanges.

All the data is easily accessible in iXBRLAnalyst Add-in with the new built-in functions and the TaskPanes providing powerful formula builders.

What MS Office versions and platforms are supported?

You can install iXBRLAnalyst with Office 365 on any platform and use it in a Desktop version of Excel or with any popular browser: Chrome, Safari, or Edge. Now, users of Mac computers with iOS, Chrome Laptops, Android Tablets, or iPADs can also access our financial data sets and build financial models with iXBRLAnalyst.

What is the difference between iXBRLAnalyst and XBRLAnalyst Add-ins?

iXBRLAnalyst is a web-based Excel Add-in that works on any platform and was specifically developed for Office 365. It is a lightweight web application that was certified by Microsoft and can be installed directly from Microsoft Store for free. It enables efficient access in Excel to all the financial data provided by FinDynamics to its users via new built-in functions and the TaskPane.

XBRLAnalyst is a Windows desktop Excel Add-in which can be installed on any available version of Microsoft Excel for Windows. It has many additional Report Builders and Analysis tools for advanced users of financial data that significantly simplifies fundamental analysis of public companies.

Both Add-ins are developed and supported by FinDynamics, Inc. They are free to download and install. To use either of them for financial analysis, you will need an active Subscription to financial data provided by FinDynamics. For more information about available subscriptions, please review this page.

More examples of using iXBRLAnalyst in Excel

  • Introduction template (download)
  • Fetching normalized statements (download)
  • Building a company snapshot (download)
  • Aligning company financials by Calendar quarters (download)
  • Comps Table template (download)
  • Comparing data from Disclosures — Inventory benchmarks (download)

Uninstalling iXBRLAnalyst

iXBRLAnalyst is a web-based Excel Add-in that should be uninstalled the same way it was installed. Got the File menu, select “Get Add-ins” and switch to “My Add-INS” tab. 

There you can hover over the iXBRLAnalyst Add-in, click “…” menu and select “Remove”.