XBRLAnalyst Standard

Standard Subscription is ideal for Financial Analysts.
XBRLAnalyst is an Excel Add-In that provides easy access to financial data from 10-K, 10-Q and other reports of public companies listed in the US.  It also includes stock market data such as share price, trading volume, etc.

Only $119/month or $1199/year (with 15-day free trial).

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Analysts familiar with systems such as Bloomberg, Capital IQ or FactSet will be pleased with the familiarity of the way XBRLAnalyst provides financial data in Excel.


Users of XBRLAnalyst Standard Subscription enjoy the following benefits of accessing financial data in Excel:

  1. Built-in reports for generating Comps Tables, Historical Data, and Stock Screening with a Trace to Report function which allows you to trace any data point from Excel back to its original Financial Statement or Disclosure
  2. New powerful built-in Excel functions for automatically loading financial data from the reports (10-K, 10-Q, etc.) or the stock market data. The functions allow users to build financial models and other financial Excel templates that automatically load new data every quarter when new reports are submitted to SEC.
  3. Full access to any Statement, Footnote or even full HTML reports directly in Excel with the Statement Viewer and the ability to drag&drop any value from the Statement Viewer into Excel.
  4. Export any historical trend of financial data from Statement Viewer into Excel.
  5. Large set of normalized financial metrics and ratios necessary for quick financial analysis. Each normalized metric is fully transparent in its definition, which means that the user can quickly see in cell Annotation what values/items from financial statements contribute to the normalized value.
  6. Ability to add and share new user-defined financial ratios and stock lists