"As an investment advisor I spend a considerable amount of time with financial statements. XBRLAnalyst was the right product and a considerable value."


As an investment advisor I spend a considerable amount of time with financial statements. Getting the data into a useable format on a spreadsheet takes time and then it has to be updated each quarter- multiply that by 50+ companies and you can see where the day goes.

When I looked for a web-based service for the data, I found two types of products: the first consisted of excel VBA functions written to download information from free sites, but the financial information was so limited and generalized that it was virtually worthless. The second type consisted of subscription services which charged many thousands of dollars a year.

XBRLAnalyst was the right product and a considerable value. I can download detailed financial data from SEC filings into either a pre-formatted layout or I can easily create my own. The user interface is excellent, especially the ability to toggle between the data on the spreadsheet and the actual filing. Other functionalities include historical data, company comparisons and a screening tool.

You do not have to know XBRL to use the software, and I highly recommend it.

- Kenneth C. A. Isaacs, Massachusetts Finance Group, Inc.


XBRLAnalyst greatly increases my productivity by enabling me to automate data collection from XBRL-filed documents.

It is easy to install, easy to use, and includes a robust set of analytical features all within Microsoft Excel. However, I am even more impressed with the quality of technical support. Support professionals respond directly, thoroughly and promptly to my questions, even late at night and on weekends. They understand my issues and have provided me easier ways to accomplish my objectives. I particularly value the accompanying screenshots and spreadsheets showing how to implement their solutions. Thank you for an excellent product, excellent support and an affordable price.

- Scott A. Limpert, CFA, Limpert Capital Management


The reason I fell in love with XBRLAnalyst is because it allows me to see the fine details of the companies I research.

XBRLAnalyst has become my holy grail of investment research in Excel. I can’t overstate the number of hours it’s saved me. The platform manages to provide a suite of unbelievably rich features and tools while remaining simple, intuitive, and completely user friendly. Best off all, FinDynamics consistently manages to update XBRLAnalyst with more and more useful features that never fail to amaze.

- Joshua Nord, CEO of Aljobryma Investment Group


As a ‘big-data’ miner/model builder, I’ve found that FinDynamics provides everything I was looking for: An easy-to-use Excel add-in capable of exploring the entire XBRL database; immediate, courteous technical assistance; the ability to make large data pulls quickly – and all this at an extremely reasonable price.

- Dr. Harold Stoll, CEO and Founder AlphaMetrics, LLC