XBRLAnalyst Corporate

Ideal for professional analysts, XBRL filers and auditors
XBRLAnalyst is an Excel Add-In that provides powerful tools for analyzing and benchmarking XBRL reports filed to SEC. Corporate Subscription is ideal for Filers and XBRL specialists because it renders a full in-depth view into technical aspects of XBRL reports within Excel: an in-depth analysis of reported data, loading international financial reports, review draft XBRL filings, export full XBRL report in Excel, search XBRL tags, detect missing/inconsistent Calculation Relationships, view XBRL Dimensions, etc. (more details)

Only $299/month or $2999/year (with 15-day free trial).

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Users of XBRLAnalyst Corporate Subscription enjoy the following additional benefits in Excel (more details):

  1. Analyzing international filings from stock exchanges and data repositories in different countries (Japan, China, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Denmark, etc.)
  2. New powerful Excel built-in functions for loading XBRL data including dimensional data.
  3. Ability to review Calculation Relationships from any Statement or Disclosure directly in Excel. XBRLAnalyst also provides an indication of errors that companies sometimes make in Calculation Relationships in their reports.
  4. Search XBRL tags throughout any report directly in Excel. The tools permit finding and reviewing all occurrences of any XBRL tag in all the components of an XBRL report.
  5. View dimensions hierarchy and member values with the powerful Dimensions Viewer. Export the values or Pie chart graphs into Excel with a single click.