Pivot Financial Disclosures in Excel

XBRLAnalyst 4 brings more benefits to its Standard and Corporate subscribers.

• Corporate users will now benefit from unique access to all XBRL Dimensional data with new built-in function XBRLPivot. This function returns full information of XBRL hypercubes (tables), axes, and members linked to specific XBRL Concept (view XBRLPivot result and Pivot Table from Microsoft Revenue Disclosure or download Excel example).

• Financial Explorer now gives the list of all Owners registered with SEC at least since 2013 as well as their holding filed in forms 3, 4, 5. Together with the new built-in function Ownership our Standard and Corporate users get convenient Excel access to the ownership data (view Excel example)

• For easy discovery of the new features, use the new Ribbon button “Quick Start”. Also, we create a new series of video tutorials about XBRLAnalyst in Excel that you should not miss:
a) Overview video
b) Using built-in functions in Excel Templates

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