Evaluating revenue segmentation data for Dorman Inc

This analysis was performed using Fundamental and Stock market data provided with a subscription of XBRLAnalyst for Excel

The original data and all the analysis is available in the Excel file


The financial information of many companies is readily available online for all to access – whether through their websites or other financial platforms. However, this information is mostly available in PDF form, requiring copy-and-paste tools to transmit to excel for data analysis and decision-making, which can be time-consuming. This task gets even more exhausting if it involves comparing different financial data of numerous companies – for example, comparing different types of market, financial, and valuation metrics for ten companies over five years. It would specifically involve looking at all the financial statements of all the companies, over numerous years, in addition to doing the actual computation. XBRLAnalyst enables users of its program to obtain these types of information instantly.  

The first thing one needs to understand is the XBRLAnalyst system for coding input parameters, which can be very quickly learned by studying the information in the tutorial section of Findynmanics. website The next step is to look at templates. For optimal learning, it might be beneficial to try to build these templates from scratch. This will help users test, but also perfect, their knowledge of the XBRLAnalyst system.

The revenue segmentation data for Dorman Inc included in this file was done using XBRLAnalyst. It can be replicated for any company covered by XBRLAnalyst in little time, following these easy steps:

  • The first thing to do is to click on  “Financial Explorer” under the XBRLAnalyst ribbon. The name of the company or ticker should be inputted in the “Name” space under the “Financial Explorer”- in this case, “DORMAN PRODUCTS, INC.” or “DORM”. By clicking on the company name in the dialogue box, one can see all the filings of the company.
  • The next step is to choose the report one wants to view, in this case:10-K, 2021, FY. Once this is selected, the next step is to click on “Financial Statements” in the other dialogue box below. The “consolidated Statements of operations and comprehensive income” is to be selected. Then double-click on “Net Sales” to instantly allow for a new dialogue box to appear.
  • The next step is to select the “Dimensions view”. This allows us to see the different segmentation of Dorman’s revenue – in this case by product line and geographical location. If we click on any revenue segment, for example, “PowertrainMember”, followed by “Build formula”, the magic of XBRLAnlayst is that with this formula, one can easily build a financial table similar to the “data” sheet in this file. By adding additional columns for the other product lines and financial periods, we can drag our formula using the normal excel function to derive revenue data for different periods and product lines.


Through the “Build Formula” function of XBRLAnalyst, we can also build Excel files in minutes for other line items seen in the financial statements. With this information, one can easily see the evolution of revenue for different product lines and geographical location

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