Insightful XBRL from Excel to Google Sheets with iXBRLAnalyst

With XBRLAnalyst for Excel, you can quickly build complex financial models, screen companies by financials or text in their 10-K, 10-Q reports or gain insights into company disclosure information using our Normalized Disclosures available to Corporate users. Now, we are bridging another gap in accessibility of financial reports in XBRL format by bringing XBRLAnalyst functions to Google Sheets. It is easy and accessible from any device and platform connected to the Internet. Our Online version is called iXBRLAnalyst by the analogy with another open source project we support in VBA called iXBRLAnalyst-VBA.

Example 1: iXBRLAnalyst Primer

Example 2: Normalized XBRL Financial Statements with iXBRLAnalyst (screenshot)

If you want to modify those templates above or try them with other non SP100 companies, just use “File->Make a Copy…” menu in Google Sheets and then login in XBRLAnalyst that will appear on the top of the menu (see screenshot below).


If you would like to create your own Google Sheets using XBRLAnalyst functions and data, just create or load Excel file in Google Sheets and then click “Tools -> Script editor…” and paste XBRLAnalyst script that you can download here.

If you are our Corporate user, we invite you to check a new fundamental analytical solution added to FinStatement functionality. The new version of XBRLAnalyst for Excel is now capable of building normalized sets of Revenue segments for different companies using XBRL dimensional information. For details on how to use this new functionality, watch a short video tutorial about the new FinStatement function.

For the full series of tutorials on FinStatement, please refer to the links below:

1) https://findynamics.com/videos/finstatement_part1.mp4

2) https://findynamics.com/videos/finstatement_part2.mp4

3) https://findynamics.com/videos/finstatement_part3.mp4

In order to better serve the needs and requests of our quickly growing group of advance financial analysts and professional users of XBRLAnalyst, we introduce a new portal for submitting and tracking your requests at https://findynamics.com/support

There, you will not only be able to send us your requests but also submit your Excel templates for valuation or correction, track new features addressing your needs and suggest functionality that may be missing today. We are also actively working on deploying a new Knowledge Base that will explain how to effectively use XBRL data in your analysis with the help of XBRLAnalyst for Excel. Try it now at https://findynamics.com/support

If you are interested to try XBRLAnalyst for Excel or iXBRLAnalyst, just register for a test drive. If you need assistance building Excel models that leverage XBRLAnalyst tools, contact us at  support@findynamics.com. For video tutorials, visit https://findynamics.com/tutorials 


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