Screening financial statements and disclosures in XBRLAnalyst

XBRLAnalyst allows you to slice and dice financial statements and disclosure information of any public company filing with SEC. However, what you might have been also looking for was a simple screening tool that would permit digging up some really interesting financial information.

The new Screening tool in version 4.3.4 of XBRLAnalyst helps quickly parse the whole universe of more than 8,000 public companies in the US using financial or text information buried somewhere in their reports. You can screen by GAAP and non-GAAP normalized financial metrics from statements or even disclosures as well as search for US-GAAP concepts from standard or extended taxonomies that filers use. Just drag and drop to the list of filters.

Here are a few examples:

• Look for all companies that reported in 2015-Q2: Revenue<$1B, Gross Profit>$100M and Net Income > $10M. There are 140 companies

• Look for companies that had more than $1B warranty payments in 2014-FY. There are 78 companies

• Look for companies that reported in 2014-FY filing US-GAAP concept ‘OperatingLeasesFutureMinimumPaymentsDue’ with value > $1B. There are 253 companies.

In just a few clicks or using drag&drop, you can build a sophisticated set of screening conditions in Excel that would filter information from financial statements and disclosures. Every screener can be saved in Excel and re-used later on. The results are also exportable in Excel and are easy to track in original financial reports using XBRLAnalyst’s Trace To Report functionality.

If you have questions regarding XBRLAnalyst Screening tool, contact us at  support@findynamics.com and we will help you. For video tutorials, visit https://findynamics.com/tutorials 

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