New XBRLAnalyst 4!

We are excited to announce a major release of the Next Generation of XBRLAnalyst 4! It brings together everything that our Corporate and Standard users were asking for. The new version is available for FREE download from your Account page. Just click “Download“.

For Auditors and Filers:

• Auditors can add Comments/Feedback to Draft XBRL reports in Excel and send it back to filers for quick review.
XBRLAnalyst allows adding comments for individual facts and concepts in draft XBRL report using Document Viewer. All comments are saved in XBRL-Excel file and can be shared within the firm or emailed back to the filer for review and follow up. The comments can also be exported in a summary form together with links to corresponding Statements and Disclosures (see example)

• XBRLAnalyst detects and highlights Deprecated XBRL Concepts.
All deprecated concepts are highlighted in red in Document Viewer and are also included in the Export summary in Excel (see example)

• Potential Scale/precision issues are detected and highlighted.
XBRLAnalyst analyzes individual facts in draft or filed reports and identifies the facts that may potential have scaling/precision issues. All such facts are summarized in the Export results. The fact precision is now indicated in Document Viewer and in the fact Comment box in Excel (example).

•  XBRLAnalyst 4 can work with different reporting authorities (non-SEC XBRL filings) and supports IFRS standard of XBRL reports. It can also access data from multiple independent sources. A 3d-party API is added in Settings and in the form of Explorer for demonstrating the new capability of the platform.
Our users may send us requests for adding useful external data sources if the data is provided through RESTful APIs. We can manage XBRL, HTML, XML and other formats in our Explorers, Document Viewer and built-in functions. We also invite the corporate users to contact us if they are interested in customizing XBRLAnalyst platform for accessing internal databases through simple Excel interface.

For Financial analysts:

• Now, My Definitions can accept XBRL Dimensions.
Users can create normalizations of dimensional data using simple syntax: tag|member …. This will permit our users work with different classes of Shares or Geographical segments or other dimensional data in a more consistent and simple style.

• User definitions can work with complex formulas combining normalized and XBRL concepts

• XBRLFact and FinValue accept relative periods defined in reference to the most recent filing, e.g. -1Q, -2Q, -3Q, … or -1FY, -2FY

• Since XBRLAnalyst 4 is ready for integration with 3d-party data sources, we invite the analysts using our platform to contact us with suggestions of data sources that they would like to access through our platform.


Contact us with any questions or requests for online Demo.

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