Christmas gifts: Free LiTE subscription

During this holiday season, at FinDynamics we are happy and excited about the achievements of the past year and the opportunities coming in the new year. The US stock market is on the roll and the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has reached its record high of 2,000. The XBRL adoption is accelerating in many countries and the new initiatives for making financial data more open, accountable and transparent gain traction by exploring the full potential of XBRL and other digital financial reporting standards (read about US DATA Act, new ISO standard on Audit Data CollectionCheaper Loans for XBRL Filers and more).

There could not be a better time to share this excitement and the holiday mood with our current and new users. We would like to bring some gifts to you. Pick your gift before January 10, 2015.

  • FREE LiTE Subscription for the first 50 new users, valid for 6 months!!! This subscription complements our FREE open source project called iXBRLAnalyst – VBA, which is intended to facilitate the use of XBRL financial data in Excel. Hurry to get it among the lucky first 50.
  • 70% discount on the Analyst Estimates add-on for the first month (only $9). With the Add-on, you can easily check in Excel if your investment ideas for the rallying US stock market align well with the analyst forecasts provided for 5000+ companies.
  • 70% discount on the SEC Forms Screening add-on for the first month (only $9). You will be able to screen companies in Excel by unique events or textual facts that they disclose in their Proxy Statements, Correspondence with SEC or other HTML documents filed with SEC.

Contact us with any questions.

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