Affordable, Accessible, Open Source Financials in Excel-VBA

FinDynamics is striving to innovate and transform the way financial data is delivered to every one of us including independent analysts, individual investors and technology enthusiasts. For that, we leverage new computer technologies and XBRL – the new global standard for reporting business and financial information.

Today, we release a FREE open source project called iXBRLAnalyst – VBA. It is an Excel Add-in for Windows and Mac that brings financial and stock market data provided by FinDynamics, Inc. into Excel.

Most users of financial data are very familiar with Excel and VBA. We created that project to facilitate for those users the first steps in building simple and effective Excel projects that could access real-time financial data. We also created a new Lite data package for only $19/month to also solve for them that problem of getting the data. Read more about the VBA project and about Lite data package.

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