XBRLAnalyst Specials for Reporting Season

In the middle of SEC reporting season, XBRLAnalyst provides you with new insights about US Equities at a special price! For the first time ever, during the next two weeks of high reporting season until November 16, 2014, our users can try the Analyst Estimates package for only $10*!

We also announce the new Collaborate and Share platform integrated with Microsoft’s OneDrive Cloud for buy and sell side analysts. For Corporate users, we built advanced text search tools for screening footnotes and even complete HTML reports!

For Analysts and Investors:

• If you are a subscriber for XBRLAnalyst, try our Analyst Estimates package for only $10 for the first month. The package covers 5000+ public companies in North America and provides Sales and Earnings estimates for several future quarters(example). Just login to your account and click “Buy Estimates Add-on”. You will be able to cancel it any time. Once purchased, download our Excel template showing how to use the Estimates.

• Collaborate and Share with XBRLAnalyst (watch video). This new platform allows to leverage Microsoft’s Cloud OneDrive that is fully integrated with Excel. Once you got the financial model built and linked to live database of XBRLAnalyst, publish it, send a link to your clients or subscribers and track their feedback. The models remain fully interactive on any device and browser.

For Corporate users:

• Our Company Screening tool can search companies by keywords and phrases used in HTML footnotes or even full HTML reports**. For example, you can now easily locate all companies with “merger and acquisition” phrase in the footnotes of FY-2013 (example) or find backlog values included in MD&A section and not available in XBRL data. You can also Export the results of screening in Excel and reuse it later.

$10 is a special price for the first month of subscription for Analyst Estimates package. The offer is valid until November 16, 2014. After that, the price of the Analyst Estimates package is $30/month.
**Note that full-report search is available to Corporate users only. 

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