SEC Reporting Insights with XBRLAnalyst

Montreal, Canada, November 26, 2014– FinDynamics, Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of XBRLAnalyst through P3 Data Systems to all registrants of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).  XBRLAnalyst (https://findynamics.com/xbrlanalyst/corporate/) is an Excel Add-In that provides powerful tools for analyzing and benchmarking XBRL reports filed with the SEC.  The Corporate Subscription is ideal for registrants and XBRL specialists, because it renders a full in-depth view of the technical aspects of XBRL reports within Excel and provides additional version control functionality.

“We are pleased to add XBRLAnalyst™ to the portfolio of structured data products available through P3 Data Systems.  This powerful analysis tool will assist all preparers of digital reports to provide the highest quality data in the public realm.  Auditors can use XBRLAnalyst™ for their attestation of interactive data filings with the SEC.” stated Chris G Taylor, CEO at P3 Data Systems, Inc.

FinDynamics (https://findynamics.com/) is the leading software developer in the area of XBRL data processing for Excel and artificial intelligence algorithms for automated normalization of accounting concepts.

“P3 Data Systems, Inc. has demonstrated a very collaborative client engagement model to provide XBRL services for SEC registrants.  XBRLAnalyst™ further enables that service to provide the highest quality digital reporting for each client.” added Mr. Ilya Vadeiko, co-founder of FinDynamics.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact us at (877) 791-XBRL (9275) or email at support@findynamics.com.

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