Industry Trends and XBRL review tools with XBRLAnalyst

We are excited to announce a major Update of XBRLAnalyst.

For analysts, we have introduced a new function XBRLStats that automatically computes average, variation and other statistics of GAAP and non-GAAP financial metrics by industry or by a list of companies or for the whole universe of public companies in the US.

For auditors and XBRL specialists, we have added XBRL/HTML Report Review tools that allow to build XBRL content summary, compare different versions and export XBRL draft with a proof of HTML version in Excel.

The new version of XBRLAnalyst emphasizes the benefits of XBRL in financial reporting and analysis by hiding all the technical aspects of XBRL behind its user-friendly Excel interface.

I. With XBRLStats function you can:

• Calculate average/median/variance of any US-GAAP concept by industry, market index or your own list of companies that form a peer group

• Compute statistics of any built-in normalized non-GAAP metric for any fiscal or calendar period

• Quickly build industry trends for many normalized disclosure metrics provided with XBRLAnalyst, e.g. Inventory, PPE details, Intangible Assets, etc.

• Evaluate the frequencies of using US-GAAP concepts using ‘Count’ parameter of the function

View Excel example and a video demonstration. More information is provided in the technical description file.

II. XBRL/HTML report review tools include:

• Documentation of every concepts displayed in Statement Viewer, exported in Excel or easily retrieved with new function XBRLDoc

• Export in Excel tool builds a summary of XBRL report content and checks performed over Calculation Relationships

• Every component of the report can be exported in great XBRL detail, i.e. with balance and period type, negated labels, calculation relations, units, taxonomy version, etc.

• XBRLAnalyst allows attaching HTML proof to XBRL draft and review/export both components in Excel together

• New Report Comparison and Version Control tool builds a summary of changes that can be exported in Excel

View video demonstration

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