Analyst Estimates in Excel

We are excited to announce that now our users can benefit from access to high quality Analyst Estimates for Sales and Earnings of 5000+ public companies in the US and Canada from one of the top data providers.

For only extra $30/month, users of XBRLAnalyst Standard and Corporate versions can add estimates of EPS and Revenue for several future reporting quarters and annual periods.

• The estimates are conveniently previewed together with previously reported values for each company in Financial Explorer (view)

• Built-in functions XBRLFact and FinValue can automatically return the estimates if the input period is from the future. The functions can also automatically convert calendar periods to fiscal periods (watch video )

• New built-in function FinEstimate returns additional statistics of the estimates, i.e. number of estimates, high/low value, standard deviation.

The new XBRLAnalyst provides in Excel 4 key data sets for sophisticated financial analysis, i.e. highly detailed fundamental data from XBRL filings, powerful industry statistics, trading data and now the high quality analyst estimates.

And all that rich data for an unbeatable price!

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