Simple XBRL Quality Assurance in Excel

Today, we focus on helping filers improve the quality of their XBRL filings with SEC by leveraging simple Excel-based reports generated by XBRLAnalyst. This will help all users and providers of XBRL data.
The new Corporate version of XBRLAnalyst provides 3 main new features for XBRL audit:

  1. View and export in Excel Calculation Relationship errors and warnings
  2. View report components and specific LineItems that according to SEC should have a Calculation Relationship but it is not present
  3. Build statistical reports and historical trends of those issues across different reporting periods/filings
Evaluation of Calculation Relationship issues in the whole universe of SEC XBRL filings
We performed a quick study of Missing Calculation Relationships in Annual Reports of all filers starting from 2010 and until the end of last fiscal year (see the screenshot below). Raw data is available in the Excel file. Similar studies can be done in Excel for different quarters and years in a few moments. Just use XBRLAnalyst Corporate version.

Also, check the short video demonstrating how to proactively resolve some key Calculation Relationship issues in XBRL reports and avoid receiving complaints from SEC.

The new version of XBRLAnalyst allows to track any Missing Calculation Relationship issue to the Report-Disclosure component and shows the LineItem where it should be added (see screenshot below).

Missing Calc Relationship

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