Note Calc Linkbase issues before SEC does!

As many of you heard this week, SEC has begun verifying XBRL reports for missing or incorrect calculation linkbases and may pursue filers whose XBRL filings are of poor quality.

Now, XBRLAnalyst Corporate ver.3.3.3 can help you review submitted or draft XBRL reports in Excel and quickly find such issues before SEC does! Watch Video

• In Financial Explorer, each statement or footnote is clearly marked if it contains a calculation linkbase

• In Statement Viewer, one can export the data in Excel with calculation linkbase built as Excel formulas pointing at the corresponding line items

• In Excel, any deviation of calculated value from reported value is highlighted with red color

• Right-click the highlighted cell and select from the context menu “Report to XBRLAnalyst” one of the typical filing errors

• Load a draft XBRL filing using our XBRL-Excel converter and improve the filing by quickly locating all the issues of calculation linkbases using Excel formulas and conditional formatting.

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