Load draft XBRL filings in Excel with XBRLAnalyst

We have great news! XBRLAnalyst can now embed individual XBRL reports in Excel file and seamlessly view the report data along with all XBRL reports submitted to SEC.

This means that filers can now analyze their draft XBRL reports in Excel along with previous filings before submitting to SEC. No concerns about confidentiality as the filing remains on the local computer! Comparing new data with previous reports will help filers significantly reduce data issues such as sign errors, wrong magnitude, inconsistent use of dimensional data.

With the new XBRLAnalyst, it has become really easy to review any XBRL instance in Excel. Just embed it in Excel file using Premium version of XBRLAnalyst and analyze or share the data with your colleagues.

To learn more, watch the short video of dummy Microsoft filing embedded in Excel file and analyzed with XBRLAnalyst: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFQpPKS5Hb8

We have more new features for analysts too:

  • SharePrice now returns prices for 5 key indices: Dow Jones, S&P 500, etc. that are required for calculating beta, market movements and portfolio’s efficient frontier.
  • We added FiscalQuarter function that automatically aligns company fiscal quarters by calendar quarters.
  • XBRLFact and FinValue can now calculate any missing fiscal periods using cumulative values, e.g. Q2 from H1, Q3 from Q3CUM, Q4 from FY.

If you have not tried the NEW XBRLAnalyst yet, just visit our website http://findynamics.com/ and download the free trial version.

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