FASB built 2 XBRL models with XBRLAnalyst

For their latest webinar on “Structured Data (XBRL) in financial reporting“, FASB team built two XBRL models using XBRLAnalyst. They demonstrated some applications of XBRL data in investor case study. The first model showcase an industry analysis for Engines & Turbines industry. In the other model, it was a company specific Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) analysis with a focus on XBRL data manipulation. In these cases, the advantage of using XBRLAnalyst is that one can track every data point back to original reports directly in Excel. The user just needs to select a cell and click “Track to Report” button either on the Ribbon of XBRLAnalyst or in the context menu appearing on right-button click.

More details can be viewed in the original FASB presentation available in the archive here starting with the slide 58.

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