Accounting Research in Excel with XBRLAnalyst

We have introduced a new section in our Examples page called Accounting Research with XBRLAnalyst. There, we will be posting Excel examples demonstrating how quickly investigate company disclosure practices in Excel using XBRLAnalyst. We have already posted 2 Excel specific examples:

  1. Microsoft’s practice to report Deferred Tax Assets. In the period 2009-2011, they used DeferredTaxAssetsNet separately from DeferredTaxLiabilities on the Balance Sheet. Since 2012, they combined them under us-gaap:DeferredTaxAssetsLiabilitiesNet.
  2. Goodwill tags used in Television Industry sector. It shows that CBS is unique in terms of reporting “us-gaap:DisposalGroupIncludingDiscontinuedOperationGoodwill”.


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