$250/quarter for filers with Revenue<$250M

We’d like to make a contribution to saving the already accumulated useful XBRL data of more than 60% of US Equity market from becoming useless. So, we decided to offer the filers with Revenue below $250M our Premium version of XBRLAnalyst for $250/quarter or $1,000/year! It includes a new component for loading/analyzing draft XBRL filings in Excel prior to submitting the report to SEC and making sure that the data is good and consistent, especially in comparison with previous reports or with the company’s industry peers. XBRLAnalyst will show how investors/analysts see their data and will help them improve the data quality for making it more useful for financial analysis (video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFQpPKS5Hb8). Just request a Demo to proceed with the trial.

We also wanted to demystify a bit the sign and magnitude problems of XBRL reports for analysts, so we created an Excel template that allows to detect such problems in the reported data using statistical methods. We analyzed Warranty Payments of more than 100 manufacturing companies and detected some issues shown in the Excel example below (http://findynamics.com/blog/portfolio_page/data-quality-warranty/)

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