Visualize financials in Excel with XBRLAnalyst

XBRLAnalyst simplifies analysis and reporting by plotting financial data and exporting charts in Excel with one click.

  • Want to know why IBM total revenue decreased in the last year? Plot all revenue components together and note the drop in Sales segment (see below)
IBM revenue plot
  • Want to see how Google managed its cash and marketable securities in the last 6 years? Just click “A” button on the graph to bring ALL values from ALL XBRL reports.
  • Need to Export the data and charts in Excel? Click “E” button!
Google cash and securities
  • Would you like to review Revenue components of Citrix Systems Inc.? Simply find it in the Income Statement, double click to open Dimensions Viewer and select the right Axis.
  • Need the data and chart in Excel? Just click “E” button again!
    (available in Corporate version) 
Citrix revenue by business segments

All companies and any financial data for all periods reported in XBRL format are now available with the new visualization capabilities of XBRLAnalyst! View, expand, and save in Excel with one click!

XBRLAnalyst is a subscription based Excel Add-In providing instant access to financial reports (10-K, 10-Q, etc) prepared in XBRL format. Try it FREE now.

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