Fortune 500: XBRLAnalyst cross-checks financials

XBRLAnalyst cross-checks financials (Revenue, Net Income, etc. ) reported by Fortune magazine for Fortune 500 companies.

Analysis of Fortune 500
  • Download the Excel file from findynamics.com and see yourself
  • Highlighted cells indicate differences from reported values
  • Point at any number and see its description as reported
  • Click “View Statements” and review each value on the original Financial Statements
  • Double click the label in Financial Statements Viewer and see full Business Segment information (available in Corporate version)
  • Review “Adjustment by company” column to see if the value was adjusted in the following reports
  • Quickly build Pivot Tables on the current data or add more data with XBRLFact
  • View NEW recently reported annual data by simply changing the year parameter in XBRLFact(“MSFT”,”[Revenue]”,2012,”Y”)

XBRLAnalyst is a subscription based Excel Add-In providing instant access to financial reports (10-K, 10-Q, etc) prepared in XBRL format. Try it FREE now or view more examples in Excel.

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