New update of XBRLAnalyst, Dec 11, 2013

Updated version of XBRLAnalyst 2 and 3 is now available. Users with XBRLAnalyst installed, can updated the program from Excel.

New add-ons:
1) Comps and Historical reports as well as XBRLFact function provide more information about each data point in the Excel cell comment. It shows CIK code and the Accession Number, helping with the analysis of the data point source.
2) View Statement tool can now build XBRLFact formulas automatically. You just find the company and its financial report in that viewer, select the value you want to pull, and then press “Paste Formula” button at the bottom. It will insert into the selected Excel cell the XBRLFact formula with all parameters pre-filled. You can use this method to easily pull data from other fiscal periods by changing the period code parameter.
3) All XBRL tags of a financial statement can now be exported in the spreadsheet using “Search Tags” tool.

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