New version 2.5 of XBRLAnalyst is now available!

The new version 2.5 bring many new features that our users were looking for and asked us to add. Among them are:

  • New Screening tool that allows to search companies either by financial performance (using built-in or user-defined metrics) or by key words searched in the footnotes. If you are looking for companies whose net income in the last quarter was greater than 1 Billion, now it can be easily done with our Screening tool. If you are looking for companies that have the words M&A in their footnotes, just enter those words in the Footnote Search tab of the Screening tool.
  • Comps Table report (“Compare Companies”) allows to choose “Latest” reporting period. So, you don’t need to specify the year or actual quarter. If you want to compare annual reports of companies that have different fiscal years, e.g. 2013 and 2014, you can simply choose “Latest” in the Fiscal Year drop down box.
  • Now, the output cells contains more information about the financial facts, i.e. Balance (Credit/Debit) and Reporting Period. The reporting period information allows to compare companies with different periods and traced that correctly in the report.
  • Build-in function XBRLFact can now accept “Period Code” as the third parameter, e.g. Q2-2013, instead of separate fiscal year and fiscal period. Now, if you are building a financial model, you can create a sequence of cells with Period Codes and references them in XBRLFact sequentially. Also, XBRLFact returns the same additional information about financial facts (Tag, Units,Balance,Period) as the standard reports do.
  • XBRLFact fully supports arrays of input parameters: Tag and Period Code. This allows to fill large spreadsheets of data with a single XBRLFact function which greatly speeds up the performance. We also improved XBRLFactAsync function, which a parallelized analogue of XBRLFact. It allows querying the database in parallel threads without blocking Excel. Hence, you may continue editing your spreadsheets while XBRLFactAsync pulls the data in Excel.
  • Search Tags reports has been enhanced too. In addition to search what XBRL tags different companies used in their reports you can now get the actual values of those tags. The numerical values are presented as a table that encompasses dimensional information about the tag whereas TextBlock tags are displayed in a convenient web browser where one can perform a search for key words using Ctrl+F.
  • Other technical features will be described in the Video Tutorials.

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