Compare Standard vs Corporate

Learn more about additional benefits available in the Corporate Subscription
Compared to the Standard version, the Corporate Subscription of XBRLAnalyst provides a significant number of additional benefits that improve productivity, expose detailed XBRL information from financial reports, and enable easy access to international (non-US) filings from Excel.

Advance functionality of Corporate version of XBRLAnalyst:

  1. Loading standalone XBRL reports directly in XBRLAnalyst using our XBRL-Excel process (Example). This functionality allows loading international XBRL reports from different countries/exchanges and analyzing them in Excel the same way one would analyze US reports (Japanese report or Ratios example). XBRLAnalyst supports 9 different languages in XBRL reports. Read more about other countries and stock exchanges where you can download XBRL reports for analyzing with XBRLAnalyst Corporate. For more details on how to use this functionality, please watch our video tutorial. Also, XBRLAnalyst permits processing and analyzing numerous reports at the same time.
  2. View all disclosures where selected financial value is reported and access the disclosures with one click (Example)
  3. The same “Find in Disclosure” functionality is available in the Document Viewer (Example)
  4. View in Document Viewer and export in Excel detail XBRL information such as Balance, Negation, or US-GAAP concept description (Example). Quick access to this information is oftentimes critical for in-depth analysis of some accounting issues in the reports.
  5. Search where any XBRL concept is used within XBRL reports (Example)
  6. Dimensions Viewer greatly simplifies the use of data from XBRL dimensions. Simply double-click any line item in Document View to see if it has dimensions attached, plot and export in Excel the dimensional information as well as use Formula Builder to create the XBRLFact formula that will bring the data of interest in Excel for you (Example).
  7. The New XBRLPivot built-in Excel function streamlines the analysis of disclosure information expressed via XBRL hypercubes and dimensions. It combines in a single representation all the financial data reported for a selected concept such as Revenues in different Disclosures (Example and Results)
  8. Ability to review Calculation Relationships from any Statement or Disclosure directly in Excel (Example). XBRLAnalyst also provides an indication of errors that companies sometimes make in Calculation Relationships in their reports.
  9. For Filers and Consultants, XBRLAnalyst permits comparing different versions of XBRL reports and generate full summary and Excel export of the data structure in XBRL filings (video tutorial)