XBRLAnalyst — stock data in Excel

  • Save time and retrieve 10-K and 10-Q company financial reports directly in Excel
  • Get the hard-to-find data from footnote disclosures with just a few clicks in Excel
  • Quickly update your financial models with recent data by linking Excel to our database

Compare revenue increase with stock price appreciation

XBRLAnalyst adds new functions in Excel for loading stock market data as well as most recent and historical financial data from 10-Q, 10-K reports. Automate your YoY analysis.

Pick and visualize historical trends in Financial Statements

XBRLAnalyst allows previewing a trend of financial data from Income Statement or Balance sheet by simply clicking the account(s) on the statement. Save the data/plot in Excel.

Build and update stock valuation model with XBRLAnalyst

Use XBRLAnalyst to build powerful DCF valuation models in Excel of any company listed in the US. Quickly load most recent data in Excel for updating existing models.

Drill down to business segment or debt structure information

Double-click any account on Financial Statement in Excel and review, plot, export financial details disclosed in the footnotes, e.g. business segment revenue information or debt structure.

Compare companies in powerful Excel templates

Combine stock market information with data from financial reports to calculate Market Capitalization, Enterprise Value and many other Non-GAAP ratios.

Review financials of Fortune 500 or stock index companies

With XBRLAnalyst, you can easily review financial performance of many public companies and have the results updated every consequent period.

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