Examples of how to use XBRLAnalyst in EXCEL applications.


  1. Accounting Research with XBRLAnalyst
    The way Microsoft reported Deferred Tax Assets on the Balance Sheet in the last 5 years(Excel Excel-example, Video)
    – It used “DeferredTaxAssetsNetCurrent” from 2009 to 2011
    – It switched to “DeferredTaxAssetsLiabilitiesNetCurrent” since 2012.
    Goodwill XBRL tags in Television Industry (Excel Excel-example, Video)
    This example shows that CBS is unique in its industry sector in terms of reporting “us-gaap: DisposalGroupIncludingDiscontinuedOperationGoodwill
  2. Financial analysis with XBRLAnalyst
    Cross-check financials of Fortune 500 companies(Excel Excel-example, Video)
    – Highlighted cells indicate differences from reported values
    – Point at any number and see it’s description as reported
    – Click “View Statements” and review the value on the original Financial Statement
    Horizontal Analysis (Excel Excel-example)
    Analyzing the company current performance in comparison with the previous year
  3. Different styles for Compare Companies report (Excel Excel-example, Video)
    Style 1
    Different companies are listed row-wise and financials are in columns
    Style 2
    Financials metrics are listed row-wise and the companies are in different columns

    Style 3
    Companies are identified by ticker and the focus company is highlighted in gray


  4. Examples of using built-in function XBRLFact in various applications
    DuPont Analysis (Excel Excel-example, Video)
    Automating DuPont analysis and calculation of P/E, PEG and other ratios
    XBRL Dimensions (Excel Excel-example, Video)
    Business Segment and Geographical information of Revenue streams

    Valuation Model (Excel Excel-example, Video, PDF)
    Building valuation model in XBRLAnalyst
    (add new my_definitions Excel-exampletutorial)


    One Page Report (Excel Excel-example, Video)
    One page report of company financial performance using XBRLFact


    Historical Report (Excel Excel-example, Video)
    Simple way to build Historical report using Period codes