Validating Value Returns

How would I know if XBRLAnalyst is returning correct values? XBRLAnalyst has three ways to validate returned values:

  1. Trace to XBRL Report - The fastest way is by a simple right-click on the value, choose “Trace to XBRL Report” from the list option and automatically, the system will open the source document highlighting the related facts from the original report.

  2. Cell Annotation - each value returned by XBRLAnalyst function has comment/annotation with details (CID,accession number,period,calculation, etc.) of its source. You can use this as guide to validate it with original documents.

  3. Financial Explorer and Document Viewer - Financial explorer lists all SEC report filings, while Document Viewer opens each report in the list. By just dragging and dropping the values to excel and manual computation, you can easily confirm if values returned are correct or not.

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