Update Comps Table

Update Comps Table feature allows you to quickly update or modify your existing comparable reports generated using XBRLAnalyst into newer or older reporting periods with 3 report style options. 

Below are the higlights and benefits of using it:

  • Faster update or modification of any comparable reports, irrespective on how you generated it, whether using any of Automated Reports (Compare Companies, Historical Data, Screen Companies) or using any excel functions (FDFact, Finvalue, Shareprice, XBRLFact, etc.) 
  • It has an option to choose the "Recent year or period" to quickly retrieve data from most recent filings of the companies without the need to check each companies report list.
  • The 3 reporting styles available in the system automatically input column for "Company Name", so you don't have to apply functions to retrieve it, as long as you have the related "Ticker or CID"
  • Updating comparable tables do not necessarily mean that you have to update the full source report. It also applies even to few values or just part of the report, as long as you have the tickers, TIDs and values to update.
  • It will automatically return values based on the fiscal or period focus filed by the company, normalizing the inconsistencies on "End of Period" of company reports.  

For samples on how to use it, please check here.

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