Trial Subscription

Trial subscription is provided for FREE when you register on FinDynamics website for the first time. You do NOT need to enter any Credit Card or other payment information!

It permits you explore our data sets (limited to S&P100 list of companies) and functionality of XBRLAnalyst. The trial has several important limitations:

  1. It is limited to 15 days

  2. The data is limited to S&P100 companies (ony 100 companies from the index)

  3. It does NOT include Analyst Estimates

  4. It may have Standard or Corporate type. Corporate Trial subscription provides you access to all advance functionality of XBRLAnalyst for Excel. However, note that if you later on decide to purchase LiTE or Standard subscription, you will find that the advance functionality is obviously missing.

  5. Once it is expired, your trial subscription is converted to Viewer mode which is also FREE but does not allow using the data in Excel.

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