TID or Normalized Financials

FinDynamics normalizes many financial metrics to the form that most analysts use in Financial Analysis. We call such metrics TIDs. They could be used in formulas in Excel as input parameters. The full list of TIDs provided by FinDynamics can be found in XBRLAnalyst Ribbon under "Normalized Financials". It is a button on the Ribbon of XBRLAnalyst in Excel:  

Normalized Financials

In formulas, TID name should be enclosed in square brackets. For example, FinValue("MSFT","[Revenue]") or FinValue("MSFT","[EBITDA]").

You can also create your own definitions and store to use in any of your financial analysis/models. Just use "Edit My Definitions" form on XBRLAnalyst Ribbon (see above).

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