SharePrice Function

SharePrice function loads in Excel the stock price of a public company from FinDynamics live database of stock market data from all Equity markets in the US. Its complete syntax is below:

  • Ticker/CIK Object[,] specifies company name or symbol/ticker or other company identifier, e.g. CIK.
  • Date Object[,] is Date in either serial number or string format.
  • Parameters (Optional) String is string of codes for quotes: d,o,h,l,c,v,ac,av or for stats: max, min, avg, vol_avg (Default: ac - adjusted closing price)
  • Period in Days (Optional) Object is period length in days for stats, e.g. 30 day high

Its simplest syntax has only two inputs SharePrice(ticker, date), and will return Adjusted Closing Price by default. But by adding code on the parameters (third input), you can define the share quote.

Below are samples on how to use "SharePrice" function in analysis:



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