Searching for XBRL tag not in Normalized Financials/TIDs

To search for particular XBRL tag, one should follow below options:

1. Click Normalized Financials -  there you will see all normalized tags/TIDs available in the system. In below example, BookValue+ is a newly defined definition created by a user. You can also create your own new financial metric by using Edit my Definition.


2.  Use Screen Companies - use this if you cannot find or is taking time for you to search in Normalized Financials.  Type the XBRL tag in the Screen by Financials.

In the screenshot below, the XBRL tag "DepreciationNonproduction" does not have separate TID in the system, since it's already part of TID [Depreciation (&Amortization), IS]. So by using Screen by Definition, you have 3 options to search in US-GAAP only, extension only, or both. Here, we chose "All" so the search result includes all XBRL tag in the system with "DepreciationNonproduction" word. Then you can use function Finvalue or XBRLFact to return values relative to your defined company or period. Check sample on how to use "Screen Companies"


3. Using Wildcard - XBRLFact and Finvalue are very powerful XBRLAnalyst functions. If you do not know exactly the name of the tag or financial term, you can simply put wildcard (%) on the text and set it as second paramater. In below screenshot, we searched again XRBL data "DepreciationNonproduction" of Delta AIr Lines (DAL). By using wildcard, you will be commanding the function to search for the related text and return its related value.

But the best thing here is that even you did not specify the complete XBRL tag "DepreciationNonproduction" it will still work, as long as you have input some related text/word of the tag as per example below:



4. Submit a Ticket - After doing Options 1, 2 and 3, but still you cannot find the XBRL tag in the system, its time now to submit a ticket to our support team requesting for this concept. Please follow below options:

  • Email to and you will receive an automatic report ticket to your registered email address. One of our representatives will contact you immediately.
  • Go to our website and Submit a Ticket with description and attachments (if needed). A report ticket will be generated and one of our representatives will contact you immediately.
  • Your registered email will receive notifications on all details of your ticket to track for updates. 

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