Ownership Function

Ownership function returns ownership data for selected Filer from Forms 3, 4 submitted to SEC. It is an array function that returns an array of values listing how much shares of given type each Owners holds. In the Excel Comment box one can see the Issuer name with CIK code, the Owner name with CIK code and the Stock type help by the Owner. The value in the cell is the number of shares for the given Owner/Stock type combination.

Its syntax is below:

  • Ticker/CIK Object, specifies Issuer ID
  • Security Title (Optional) String, specifies Security Title or SID - normalized secutiry name
  • Date (Optional) Object, specifies Calendar date limiting form submission dates to earlier period
  • Owner CIK/Name (Optional) String, specifies Owner CIK code or Name

Its simplest syntax has only two inputs Ownership(ticker), and will return an array of quantities of different securities owned by different registered owners.

In its full syntax, the call would look as follows: Ownership("MSFT","Common Stock","2016-01-01","GATES WILLIAM H III")It will return the number of Microsoft's Common Stock securities held by GATES WILLIAM H III prior to January 1, 2016.

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