iXBRLAnalyst in Google Sheets

iXBRLAnalyst is the online version of XBRLAnalyst, which can access and return data using Google Sheet. At default, it has preview list of SP100 companies with available data that can be retrieved by using any of fundamental functions Finvalue, XBRLFact, Shareprice and Finstats.

Here are free iXBRLAnalyst templates  which can be downloaded and customized by just changing the ticker into any of the SP100 company tickers, while Non-SP100 companies can be accessed by using XBRLAnalyst desktop version.

To create your own template, load excel file to Google Sheet and paste this script.  To know more on using iXBRLAnalyst, please watch this video tutorial.

Moreover, we also have an open source project called iXBRLAnalyst-VBA  for Windows and Mac that brings financial and live stock market data.

Therefore, registering to any one of our subscriptions you can avail our XBRLAnalyst for ExceliXBRLAnalyst in Google Sheets and iXBRLAnalyst-VBA all under one registration!

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