iXBRLAnalyst-VBA for Windows and Mac

iXBRLAnalyst-VBA is an open source Excel Add-in for Windows and Mac that brings financial and stock market data provided by FinDynamics, Inc. into Excel. It is a strictly VBA based Excel Add-in with three core functions XBRLFact, FinValue, and SharePrice. To add additional functions or features, the user can add themselves or request from us. Also, this can be connected to APIs of other data providers with proper iXBRLAnalyst acknowledgment.

To avail, simply register to any one of our available subscriptions and download here iXBRLAnalyst-VBA.

Therefore, registering to any one of our subscriptions,  you can avail our XBRLAnalyst for Excel, iXBRLAnalyst in Google Sheets and now, iXBRLAnalyst-VBA all under one registration!

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