How can I find related disclosures to the values in financial metrics/TIDs?

To view the related disclosures or footnotes of  the returned value of financial metric/TID ,simply point to the value, right click, and from pop-up window, choose "View in Disclosure". Then, it will list down all reports related to the value.


Just click any report in the list, Financial Explorer will open the report and Document Viewer will highlight the disclosure automatically.  Check sample of MSFT Intangible Assets, Net

If you wanted to export all values to excel, check the "Label" box or Click "Export" then check "Select All".  You will have two options on how to export it, by:  Values or Simple Formulas. By "Values" will export only the amount while "Simple Formulas" will export amount and annotation, enabling tracing back each value to source document.  Moreover, clicking "Tags" will add column for US-GAAP mapping financial metrics.

Check sample of MSFT Intangible Assets, Net report


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