How are XBRL tags assigned to each value of financial reports?

There are more than 20,000 different XBRL tags in FASB framework available for filers to assign in each value of their financial reports. Meaning, companies have to choose the XBRL tags upon filing. As a result, different tags may be assigned to a particular account, depending on how filers defined it, making comparison of companies a bit difficult. 

XBRLAnalys already considered this issue and created a list called "TID or Normalized Financials" which regularizes tag inconsistencies for company benchmark/comparison. It has a wide range list of predefined concepts with main categories below:

Each category has various list of concepts and formulas very useful for financial analysis. But still, if you have specific XBRL tag to search not in the list, simply follow options on Searching for XBRL tag not in Normalized Financials/TIDs. For additional formulas you wanted to create, you can do so by following the steps in using "Edit my Definitions".



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