Getting Original or "As Reported" Statements

XBRLAnalyst's data are directly coming from live SEC database, hence all reports in "Financial Explorer"  are companies' original or 'as reported".  From these reports, the system will then create a separate "Normalized Financials" regularizing reports inconsistencies to enable smooth and correct comparison of companies data.

Therefore, original reports are separated by the system and will be retrieved by using Financial Explorer:

1. Companies: Search in the Financial Explorer any of the ticker, CID or company name. Double click and it will transfer you to next tab XBRL reports. 

2. XBRL Reports: This has two windows: upper window  shows the company's reports list  while the lower window shows all statements inside each report. It also has 4 tabs to choose from and the first one "Original" is where you can view or export the original or "as reported" filings of the company.  Doube click which statement (ex: Balance Sheet) and Document Viewer will open.

3. Document Viewer: This shows the detailed values/data of the statement. It has many functions which can be used upon exporting the report. To do this, click "Export" button in Document Viewer, tick "Select All", and export using either by Values or by Simple Formulas. 

By "Values", means exporting only the amount or value for each account as shown below:


While Simple Formulas is exporting to excel with related function formula which can be modified by the user as needed on his/her report. As exampled below, it created formula using XBRLFact function:


Both ways of exporting data can be traced back to source document, as long as "Annotation" setting is activated.


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