Finstatement is a very powerful XBRLAnalyst excel function that returns array of financials that a company reported up to 20 periods, incorporating all changes on financial reporting style. It can generate all financial concepts that a company used in its statement (IS,BS,CF), provide segments or dimensions of a financial concept, and filter these dimensions by using specifiers. Below are details and applicaiton samples:


To pull Financial Statement

  • =Finstatement("AAPL","BS") - To pull all financial concepts used by Apple in their Balance sheet.  ​Alternatively, change the second parameter "BS" into "IS" to pull Income Statement and "CF" to pull Cash Flow
  • Once financial metrics/concepts were provided, you can return values by using Finvalue ror XBRLFact functions, and add third parameter "period" to specify period.
  • Click here for video tutorial.


To pull Financial Concept Segment/Dimension

  • =Finstatement("AAPL","[Revenue]") - to pull all reporting segments of  Apple on their "Revenue" account from most recent report. 
  • Then, use Finvalue ror XBRLFact functions to return values and add third parameter  "period"   to specify period.
  • Click here for video tutorial


To Filter/Breakdown Financial Concept Segment/Dimension

  • Finstatement syntax has five arguments, with 4th and 5th parameter designed for specifiers and other parameters.
  • In our example here, we showed how Disney reported their "Revenue" account in various ways and how Finstatement filtered each segment by using specifiers in the report. 

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