Edit my Definitions

XBRLAnalyst integates in its system the commonly used financial metrics, ratios and functions for analysis.Though it already offers a wide range of selection, these are not all. This is where Edit my Definitions will be very helpful. 

This feature allows you to create and save your own defined financials in a list, and will work as any other normalized financial metrics in XBRLAnalyst. Your formula must be combination of different TIDs available in Normalized Financials  and Functions.



  • Add TIDs automatically - highlight and load from excel different TIDs in your formula. Put  plus sign (+) at the end of definitiona name to automatically add all of these TIDs. Check this Valuation Model  on how new definitions on Assets have simplified differences in companies' approach.


  • Creating own formula using TIDs - use TIDs as normal values in your formula by typing or dragging TIDs from Normalized Financial and create your own formula. This BookValue sample will show you how to do it. Here we created a formula for Book Value =  [Stockholder's Equity]/[Number of Shares]


  • "Shareprice" is an XBRLAnalyst function which pulls stock prices from the market and works as an ordinary function in excel. You can also use this function with other TIDs to form your formula related to share prices. 



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