Benchmark/ Compare Companies

XBRLAnalyst's "Compare Companies" feature allows you to do benchmarking or compare companies with the use of its normalized financials that regularized account inconsistencies on company filings. Below are the steps to use it:

  1. Click the "Compare Companies" button.
  2. A window will present three tabs where you will input  your criteria for comparison.
    • Select Companies and Period
      • search for company name, ticker or CID (set a company as basis for comparison)
      • filter by sector (for benchmarking)
      • define period of comparison
    • Select financial facts
      • choose the accounts to be compared from the financial metrics
    • Select Report Style
      • as of now, there are 3 report styles available with options to include average, median and output comments
  3. Choose the cell in Excel where to paste the report, then click finish. Automatically, the report will be created in excel format. For benchmarking sample using ratio analysis, please click here.


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