Re-enable Addin

XBRLAnalyst Addin or Ribbon has disappeared from Excel? It is possible that XBRLAnalyst has been disabled by Excel due to some previous crash. Bring up the “Excel Options” window by clicking “Options” under the “File” menu. On the left, there should be a section called “Add-Ins” (see screenshot). In the “Add-Ins” section, at the bottom, there is

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How would I know the calculation for value return?

There are several ways on how to check calculations of returned values,  as discussed here in "Validating Value Returns".  - These are thru annotations, trace to XBRL report and checking in Financial Explorer and Document Viewer.  However, please keep in mind that Annotations and

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Errors in Logging in/ Uninstalling XBRLAnalyst

When you encountered any errors, please follow below options to solve it: If within US, Call our Toll-Free Phone/Fax: +1 (877) 791-XBRL (9275) Email to support@findynamics.com and you will receive an automatic report ticket to your registered email address. One of our

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