XBRLAnalyst can search and track new SEC reports for you

Your XBRLAnalyst for Excel can now alert you on new SEC filings of companies you monitor. It will also help you find new ideas with advance XBRL Screening Companies tool.

The new XBRLAnalyst version 4.6.4 introduces 2 fundamental solutions that will make your financial analysis more dynamic, timely, and powerful:

1. Screen Companies tool allows searching for any match of selected filters. For example, you can now search for companies that reported any of selected revenue related line items and the reported value was greater than $1MM — see example. You just need to uncheck “Match all criteria”  box.

In that example above, we found 222 companies that reported any of the selected revenue related line items such as RecyclingRevenue, RoyaltyRevenue, etc. in 2016-Q2 with value greater than $1MM.

Obviously, you can search for reported line items not only from face statements but also from Disclosures. In addition, you can combine the search for raw XBRL line items and the FinDynamics Normalized line items in single query. All that power is available now in simple Excel interface.

2. Creating personal CLists (Company Lists) allows monitoring for new reports filed to SEC by those companies. Now, CLists are stored on our servers so you can access them from any device where you use XBRLAnalyst. You can also subscribe for notifications about newly submitted reports by the companies in your CLists.

Once you selected your method of notification (by email, in Excel or both), XBRLAnalyst will notify you whenever an XBRL report or other form is submitted to SEC. Notifications about new XBRL reports are sent within minutes from the moment the filing is accepted by SEC (see below).

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