XBRLAnalyst for $10/month and Easy disclosure access

At FinDynamics, we are excited to announce that the access to the core XBRLAnalyst for Excel product is extended to LiTE subscription for only $10/month. For more details refer to Subscriptions page.


We are also introducing a completely new way of analyzing financial data from disclosures of financial reports. Use our Normalized disclosure data in combination with XBRLAnalyst FinStats function (for market or industry stats) and FinValue function (for data on individual companies), in order to quickly collect information from many disclosures of financial reports (see Excel example for Lease Disclosures –download Excel).

Once the data on all researched companies is gathered in your Excel template, which takes only a few moments, you can right-click on any data point and quickly view the disclosure information where the data comes from by selecting ‘View Disclosure’ menu (see example). All that is available in Excel with just one click.

For illustration purposes, we gathered industry stats for Lease Commitments for the last 4 years (see Excel). The results showed that there was not enough XBRL data in 2011 for analyzing disclosure information, because the Level 4 tagging was not required for most companies yet. However, starting from 2012, the data becomes sufficient for adequate analysis. For example, several industries such as ‘ELECTRIC SERVICES’ (sic=4911) or ‘GOLD AND SILVER ORES’ (sic=1040) demonstrate consistent decrease in the average value of Operating Lease Commitments starting from 2012-FY. We also reviewed 30 companies in the Dow index. The second graph shows interesting distribution of lease obligations between Capital and Operating leases for different companies.


In addition to viewing Disclosures directly from Excel cells, you can also obtain with one click the HTML report for any data point in Excel or plot a benchmark across many companies for all previously reported periods back to 2009 or review the audit trail for the normalized data. If you are subscribed to our Analyst Estimates Add-on, you can quickly get Revenue and Earnings estimate for the companies you are researching. All that information is readily available with XBRLAnalyst from any Excel cell that contains financial data from FinDynamics, Inc.


If you have questions regarding XBRLAnalyst LiTE or don’t know how to collect disclosure data in your Excel templates in just a few clicks, contact us at  support@findynamics.com and we will help you. For video tutorials, visit https://findynamics.com/tutorials 

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