Model XBRL Dimensions in Disclosures with XBRLPivot

We  strive to deliver valuable and better performing tools for financial analysts, investors, and XBRL specialists. This time XBRLAnalyst brings 2 new solutions in Excel:

• Full text search in all SEC forms including XBRL Footnotes, 10-K, 10-Q and all other forms. It is now fast and flexible and is now available to ALL users of XBRLAnalyst. Just open “Screen Companies” tool on the Ribbon.

• XBRL specialists can now model whole Disclosures with Excel Pivot tables. XBRLPivot accepts Disclosure name or ID and returns all tables (hypercubes) ready for Pivot Table.

See how to use the new XBRLPivot function for modelling XBRL dimensions and analyzing Disclosure data in Excel:

(download Excel examples)

• Pivot all dimensional data for a single LineItem or for a normalized Concept such as [Revenue]

• Pivot whole disclosure data and compare it with canonical form reported in HTML version (see example)

• Pivot multiple disclosures in a single Pivot Table for comparison

• Trace any pivot table data to original XBRL report disclosure

• Pivot disclosure data for different companies using just Disclosure name template, e.g. %Revenue%

For videos demonstrating XBRLAnalyst in applications, visit XBRLAnalyst Tutorials page

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